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Special clinic services

In this clinic, we offer you the most and best dental services and care. The goal is to satisfy you dear citizens. We tried to provide you the best dental services in this treatment center. Our goal is offering a different dental experience with the best materials and services

Root canal treatment

Removing the nerve and vessels infected with microbes from the center of the tooth and filling the root - denervation

Pediatric Dentistry

Repairing children's decayed teeth and improving oral health in children

Restorative Dentistry

Filling decayed teeth with white, ceramic or silver materials

Cosmetic dentistry

Carrying out composite veneer treatments, ceramic laminate, smile design modification in a specialized way in this center

Dental orthodontics

Fixing irregular teeth with the help of metal and ceramic brackets or a moveable device


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Why should i choose Dr. Ehtesham Manesh dental clinic?

In this treatment center, all clinical and paraclinical services are ready to serve the patients using advanced facilities and equipment and benefiting from a strong medical and nursing team. Those who refer to this center do not have any concerns about the medical staff and receiving proper dental services

  • Using a dental microscope
  • Benefits of laser in treatments
  • prices for dental services in accordance with the announced list of the ministery of treatment

About Dr. Kazem Ehtesham Manesh

دکتر احتشام منش

Dr. Kazem Ehtesham Manesh

Dr. Kazem Ehtsham Menesh was born in Tehran in 1973 and after completing his studies and receiving his doctorate degree in 1988, he entered the world of dentistry as an honored student and the second in the country's basic sciences to pursue his interests in the field of ``smile design'' and ``treatment of mouth and teeth problems'' in his clients. In this regard, he participated in various international courses in the sciences of ``Smile Design,'' ``Cosmetic Dentistry,'' ``Biomitic Dentistry,'' ``Implant and Prosthetic Surgery,'' ``Microdentistry,'' He participated in > and <> in Iran and different parts of the world and succeeded in receiving internationally recognized certificates. He was one of the pioneers of using the dental microscope in "cosmetic dentistry" treatments in the east of Iran, and his activities in this field, as well as his interest in studying and learning new dental sciences and the use of modern technologies, have created a great deal of fame between his colleagues and patients for him and be honored many times in the prestigious scientific circles of the country. In these years, he has succeeded in working with an experienced team of colleagues specializing in various fields of dentistry as well as skilled nurses and hygienists in Dr. Ehtsham Menesh's dental complex by using high-level technologies such as dental microscopes, high-power and low-power lasers, scanners To offer the most modern and up-to-date oral care and treatments to its clients. The experience of nearly a quarter of a century in the field of dentistry and the treatment of more than 60 thousand clients in the pilgrimage city and The second most populous city of the country <> and the acquisition of excellent therapeutic and psychological experiences and interactive methods make him a very competent person in the position The management of "Dr. Ehtsham Menesh Dental Group" He is currently living with his family in Mashhad and in his non-working hours and when he is not surrounded by a lot of work related to his job duties, he is interested in spending time with his family, traveling, nature tourism, diving, flying and piloting a paraglider.

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Tips after treatment

We must follow some points after each treatment so that you get the desired results from the treatment and dont get troubled, you can check these points below.

Doctor's answer: You can read the entry below.
1-Drinking liquids and eating food is not prohibited, only until the tooth is restored or coated, nothing should be chewed on the side where the root canal treatment was performed.
2- It is necessary to visit the dentist as soon as possible to prevent the dressing from draining and getting infected.
3- If the dental dressing is removed from the tooth after the treatment, go to the dentist as soon as possible for re-dressing.
4- Occurrence of moderate to severe pain or swelling after treatment for several days is normal, it is necessary to use the prescribed pain reliever such as ibuprofen and gelophene while the pain is present.
5-Take pain relievers on a full stomach.
6- If you do not feel severe pain, there is no need to take more medicine.
7- If antibiotics are prescribed for you, the medicines must be taken regularly until they are finished. Irregular use or failure of antibiotics causes re-infection and more severe.
8- If you feel any swelling in the area of the treated tooth, inform the office as soon as possible.

1- In the early hours after bleaching, a person should wash their gums with warm water and massage their gums in order not to cause inflammation in the gums.
2-Avoid eating foods that contain seed color (for 48 hours). And avoid contacting these foods with your teeth, and if these substances come into contact with your teeth, immediately brush your teeth.
3-Reducing strong tea, coffee, chocolate and colored drinks in the diet.
4- Avoiding eating foods that are cold and acidic.
5- Avoidance of tobacco use and smoking or reducing the amount of tobacco consumption.
6- During the first days after bleaching, there will be some sensitivity in the teeth, which will disappear after a few days. People are advised to use anti-allergic toothpastes during this time.
7- In order for the whiteness of your teeth to last longer, take the after care seriously.
8-Drinking a lot of colored coffee and tea, smoking, using a lot of colored drinks and not paying attention to oral and dental hygiene are some of the factors that cause your teeth to return to their original color in a shorter period of time after bleaching. turn around

1- After the anesthesia is over, a slight pain will start in the surgical area, for which the medicine prescribed by the dentist should be taken on time. (first pills and painkillers are given in the clinic).
2- Hard foods or hot drinks should not be consumed for a few hours after surgery. It is also wise not to use spicy foods or sour fruit juices. Instead, it is better to consume cold milk in the first few hours, which both increases the volume of body fluids and helps in wound healing. It is also useful to consume cold drinks and foods such as soup.
3- Swelling in the surgical area is normal for three days and then its intensity decreases. If the swelling continues or is accompanied by pain, it may be necessary to take antibiotics according to the doctor's opinion.
4- In the first 24 hours after surgery, to control swelling, you can put ice pieces in a plastic bag and place them alternately on the facial skin in the surgical area.
5-Saliva is slightly stained with blood for a few hours after surgery. This issue is due to a small leakage of blood from the surgical site and is nothing to worry about.
6- To prevent bleeding and reduce swelling, it is better to place the head higher than the rest of the body by using two pillows while resting or sleeping after surgery.
7- Vigorous physical activity or heavy exercise should be postponed until a few days after surgery.
8- Do not smoke for a few days after the surgery. Scientific studies have shown that smoking is an important factor in increasing the severity of gum disease, and its use has a negative effect on the results of surgical treatments and increases the likelihood of disease recurrence.
9- The surgical paste placed in the place hardens after a few hours and acts as a dressing to protect the surgical area and sutures from possible damage.
10- One week after the surgery, you should go to the dentist to remove the dressing and sutures from the surgical site.
11- Avoid talking for three to four hours if possible.
12-Swelling and bruising and restrictions in opening after surgery are normal.
13-Also, the presence of a white membrane in the wound and the surrounding mucus is not always a proof of infection, and it will disappear after a while, especially by washing the mouth. 14-Avoid touching the wound and sutures and turning aside the lip and cheek to see the wound.

1- Composite veneer has high durability and stability, but it should be noted that their durability also depends on the care after composite veneer.
2- In the early hours after composite veneer treatment, avoid using colored food such as soft drinks, tea, coffee and sauce for 48 hours.
3-Minimize the consumption of colored foods and if you use colored foods, you should immediately brush your teeth and clean the teeth well and use an anti-microbial plaque mouthwash to prevent microbial plaque from sticking to the surface of the teeth.
4- Composite materials, like a person's natural teeth, have the ability to be colored, and if they are neglected, we will witness the appearance of colored spots or a change in the color of the teeth.
5- It should be mentioned that the color change will occur over time and you should visit the office every once in a while to have your teeth polished.
6- Brush the teeth regularly and use dental floss so that the floss does not come out vertically but horizontally from the sides of the teeth.
7- Since a person grinds his teeth while sleeping, it is better to use a night guard.
8- There is no point in chewing or biting food after using composite veneer, but avoid biting on hard things such as ice, breaking nuts and seeds because it will damage and wear part of the composite veneer.
9- Go to the dentist for a dental check-up at certain intervals to maintain the health of the teeth.
10- It is possible that after the treatment, the patient will feel pain in his teeth and gums, which is very normal and he will gradually get used to the composites.
11- After the treatment, it is possible to face a little problem while talking or eating, which will be resolved after a few days of placing the composite veneer.
12- In case of any lip peeling in your composite veneer, contact the office and come for an examination.
Reservation of consultation and examination time

Book your consultation appointment for beauty treatments and examination online book time


To book an appointment, you must first contact the numbers of the office and get an appointment for an examination. After the examination and the necessary treatments are determined, an in-person appointment will be made.
2- from the question form on the site
3- from instagram
4-contacting the telegram number
with best regards- Dr. Kazem Ehtesham Manesh

After the in-person examination and consultation, it is necessary to obtain the necessary CT scan of the patient from the radiograph, then based on the measurements specified in these photographs, the implant will be prepared for the patient and the time for implantation will be determined.

In regular dental examinations, your dentist can help you in preparing the most suitable toothbrush and toothpaste by examining your dental condition. It should be noted that the most expensive toothbrush and toothpaste are not necessarily the best for you

Both treatment methods are used for cosmetic work and correcting the shape and color of teeth, but laminate is made of porcelain and composite veneer is made of composite material, which will definitely have a slight color change during the period. To make laminate, teeth are molded and this work is is done in lab, which takes about two weeks, but the composite veneer is made in the office and installed on the tooth

Bad breath may be one of the periodontal diseases that must be fixed with regular and basic oral hygiene, sometimes it is from the stomach, which has its own treatment.

Wisdom teeth are usually pulled after 25 years. Hygiene is difficult for wisdom teeth due to their position at the end of the teeth and they have the possibility of rotting and rotting other teeth. Due to the way this tooth comes out, other teeth may get involved in the jaw and cause pain and other problems

Depending on the conditions of oral and dental hygiene, the teeth may fall much earlier than usual, and the main teeth may also grow at different times, but usually the last main tooth, which is tooth number 3 or the same The bite starts growing at the age of 12. Milk teeth start to fall from 5 to 8 years of age and main teeth grow up to 13 years of age. The first tooth that grows in is tooth number 6

Doctor's answer: In both methods, especially the porcelain laminate method, a small amount of about 0.3 mm of teeth is shaved, and then a laminate is made for these teeth and installed on the teeth, although this amount of shaving is very short and small, but anyway The method is an irreversible method, the composite veneer method does not require cutting in most cases, and it is possible to remove the composite veneers from the teeth if needed.

Bleaching is one of the methods of teeth whitening, in which the chemical used in this method produces oxygen, known as baby oxygen, and causes the loss of colored substances absorbed by the teeth and causes the loss of bad colors.

At home teeth bleaching kits have whitening gels that contain carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. They also come with trays that facilitate the bleaching process by holding the whitening gels in constant contact with your teeth.

scaling is done for different people in different time intervals. It is usually done every 6 months. For people who have good oral and dental hygiene and do not smoke, this time interval is longer, although the type of teeth also plays an important role. For people who use tobacco or their diet and the type of their teeth are such that they should do scaling every 6 months.

Root canal treatment is performed under anesthesia, so you will not feel pain during the procedure. Before starting the treatment, you will be given a pain reliever to prevent pain after anesthesia and treatment, but usually pain after nerve extraction is normal for two weeks when the work is done on the tooth and there is irritation both for the gums and for Tooth. After the treatment, you can use painkillers every 6 hours and if needed, you should start taking antibiotics, but usually, the pain stops without any special problem after recovery.

The right age for orthodontics is different for different people, examinations start at the age of 7, and orthodontics usually starts between the ages of 9 and 13. Normally, mobile orthodontics can be started from the age of 10, and fixed orthodontics can be started from the age of 12.

The materials that are used for tri-bleaching at home have a lower percentage of strength than bleaching in the office, which is why office bleaching needs to be used for more time to get the desired results in the office bleaching method or bleaching in the office. It is possible that the teeth will be slightly sensitive. But in terms of timing, each jaw can be done in about 30 minutes