Teeth change color over time due to age or due to the use of certain drugs or the use of food containing dyes.

Since having white teeth brings a more special smile to us, people are looking for a way to whiten their teeth.

Today, there are many methods to whiten teeth, and bleaching is one of the most popular methods. In this article, we are trying to introduce you to a method that will whiten your teeth without needing to sharpen your teeth, and you can experience a more beautiful smile with white teeth. Stay with us .

What is teeth bleaching?

   Today, the color, whiteness and beauty of the teeth are important factors influencing self-confidence and creating a beautiful smile. Teeth bleaching is one of the most widely used and uncomplicated methods for treating tooth discoloration resulting from excessive consumption of substances such as: tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc., and removes stains caused by diseases, smoking, and genetic discolouration. , aging, trauma, etc., and it will give you white and transparent teeth in the end.

Bleaching makes the color of the teeth two or three degrees lighter than the existing color of the teeth, but for people who want whiter teeth, composite veneer or ceramic laminate treatment can be considered as needed.

How many methods and how is teeth bleaching done?

   Bleaching is done in two ways: office bleaching and home bleaching, and the choice of the type of treatment depends on the dentist’s opinion, but to get the desired result, it is more appropriate to apply both methods at the same time, and it brings satisfaction and longer whiteness.

. In the office bleaching method or bleaching in the office, gel or bleaching material that has a very high concentration is placed on the teeth in a short and specified period of time, and in this interval protective gels, which are special for this treatment, prevent any problems from occurring.

They prevent gums and oral mucosa. This method brings faster whitening in a short period of time than the bleaching method at home. In the Home bleaching method, the dentist first prepares a clear or plastic mold for your teeth from all your facial teeth and then gives it to you along with bleaching gels with different percentages for use at home. And you have to put this substance on the teeth at a certain time that is determined for you.

The difference between bleaching and scaling teeth

   The scaling method is used to remove existing deposits and masses, under and above the gums, which are created over time and with improper oral hygiene or food particles remaining on the surface of the teeth. Scaling is not a method to whiten the teeth, but it removes the pigment and scales on the surface of the teeth and the natural color of the teeth is revealed. Teeth bleaching is one of the teeth whitening methods, which actually brightens the color of the teeth by penetrating the bleaching gel and is used to remove stains, pigment and yellowness of the teeth. Teeth bleaching is one of the best and least complicated methods of teeth whitening.

Complications, durability and longevity of bleaching

   Tooth bleaching usually does not cause any special complications and sometimes it causes some tooth sensitivity which is solved with hypoallergenic toothpaste over time. Bleaching does not last long and its effects diminish over time, but depending on the individual’s care and proper oral and dental hygiene, it lasts from 6 months to 3 years, although this method is repeated periodically. The color of the teeth can remain white permanently

Which people are not good candidates for bleaching?

   The bleaching method is completely suitable for people who have healthy teeth and only want to make their teeth beautiful and brighter, but for some people this method is not suitable, which again is determined by the dentist’s opinion and accurate diagnosis of this case. People who have sensitive teeth because the bleaching material makes the teeth more sensitive to some extent. People who have tooth decay and gingivitis. People with heart diseases, kidney failure and asthma attacks. People who have different restorations and veneers on their teeth because bleaching does not affect composite and ceramic materials.

As we mentioned before, bleaching can be done in two ways: at home bleaching and in the office Bleaching, which of these methods has better results for you, or even whether it is necessary to do both of these methods together. it needs to check the dental condition as well as the base of the color of the teeth, therefore, we invite you dear ones who are planning to do bleaching, to get in touch with Dr. Ehtsham Menesh’s dental clinic for advice on bleaching.

Also, we give you this good news, dear companions, that in the dental clinic of Dr. Ehtesham Manesh, bleaching is performed with the help of laser and with the latest methods of the world, which will definitely have a significant effect on the durability and minimizing tooth sensitivity for you dear ones. has it

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