Composite veneer

Today, there are many ways to correct and beautify the smile line.

Composite veneer is one of the most popular methods that improves both the function and beauty of teeth.

Composites remove the appearance of teeth defects such as discoloration, fractures and some minor abnormalities and bring you an attractive smile.

So, if you are looking for a way to create a natural and beautiful smile, be sure to stay with us until the end of this article.


What is composite veneer?


   Composite veneer is one of the methods of improving and correcting the smile design, in this method, the composite is placed on the teeth and shaped by the dentist, and nowadays it is very popular due to its naturalness.

This method is very useful for correcting malformations, discolored teeth, closing dental gaps, repairing broken and worn teeth and cracking teeth and creating a beautiful and one-handed smile.



How long does composite veneer last?

The durability and useful life of composite veneer is between 7 and 10 years with proper oral and dental hygiene and a proper diet, and after that it is better to replace it for more beauty.


What is the difference between ceramic laminate and composite veneer?

Although both of these treatments are used to beautify the smile, the type of material has caused differences.

In ceramic laminate, the dentist first cuts the teeth a little and then takes a special mold from the teeth and sends the mold to the laboratory for preparation.

In a session in the office, a layer is drawn on the surface of the teeth by the dentist, and in this method we will have minimal grinding, and even in many cases, grinding is not done.

کامپوزیت ونیر دندان در مشهد

In the composite veneer method, if a tooth is chipped or fractured, the same chipped area can be repaired, but in laminate, it is not possible to repair and the entire laminate of that tooth must be replaced.

Ceramic laminate is more durable and brighter than composite veneer, but there are differences in the cost of these two types of treatment, and certainly the cost of treating ceramic laminates is higher.

Laminate has less colorability than composite veneer. In composite veneer method every 6 months the person should polish the teeth with the advice of a dentist, but laminate does not need to be polished.


Care and tips after composite veneer treatment

Floss and toothbrush should be used after every meal and if not available, wash with water.

In the first 24 hours after the treatment, avoid drinking and eating foods with pigments.

Avoid eating and biting hard foods.

Avoid colored and alcoholic mouthwashes.

Avoid alcohol and smoking as much as possible.

Be sure to visit the dentist every 6 months for periodic checkups and polishing.

If you have habits like teeth grinding, night guard must be used


For whom is composite treatment suitable and what groups have restrictions for this treatment?


Almost all people can use the composite veneer method to beautify their smiles, but some people who have special conditions such as: gum diseases, severe dental irregularities, habits such as teeth grinding, severe tooth wear, people who have protruding teeth and so on. People who do not have good oral and dental hygiene should not use composite veneers.



Composite veneer steps


In the first stage, the person goes to the dentist for an initial examination, and after the necessary guidance and counseling, if he is a suitable candidate for this treatment, in the next stage, composite veneers are made during a session of several hours.

It is recommended that if you intend to do bleaching treatment for your other teeth, do this before doing the composite veneer so that you can choose the color of the composite veneer based on the new color of the teeth.

The next step is to choose the color of the teeth according to your taste and of course according to the color of the other teeth to match the color guide chart. Then, the dentist takes a preliminary photograph of the teeth for the final comparison.

In the next step, the dentist uses a transparent matrix strip that prevents the material from rubbing on other teeth.

Then an acid solution is used to create porosity in the tooth enamel (etching the teeth). This increases the adhesion of the composite to the tooth.

After etching the tooth, the bonding material is placed on the tooth and is strengthened with radiation, and in the next step, it is shaped by using special pens placed on the tooth, and finally placing it with a blue light.

They harden the color, after that the teeth are examined and checked in ways such as: symmetry, sizes, length, etc. and at the end, the final polishing is used to smooth and polish the teeth. The skill of the dentist definitely has a significant impact on the beauty and final result as well as the longevity of the composite veneer.

For this reason, in choosing the place of treatment and the expertise of your dentist, make sure that you get a favorable result according to the amount of money you pay.

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