Ceramic Laminate

Ceramic laminate

  Among the beauty treatments that are used to correct the color and shape of teeth and have many fans today, we can mention ceramic laminate. In this treatment, in consultation with the dentist, the color and shape of the tooth is selected according to the individual’s taste and by creating an attractive and beautiful smile, it brings you more self-confidence and self-esteem than before.

In this article, we have tried to We can answer some of your common questions about this.

What is dental laminate?

Laminate is a thin ceramic shell with high resistance that is glued on the teeth. This is a two-stage beauty treatment, and in the first stage, the teeth are trimmed to the extent of a few tenths of a millimeter, so that the tooth is ready for molding, and then after molding, that is, the second stage, the mold is sent to the laboratory, and after it is made one by one, Laminate teeth, they are glued to the surface of the teeth by special materials and glue in the office.

Types of dental laminates

There are two types of laminates: ceramic laminates and composite laminates. In both methods, dental caries must be removed before cosmetic treatment and then the treatment should be performed.

In the ceramic laminate (indirect) method, the material of which, as the name suggests, is high quality and resistant ceramic, in order to make laminates, the teeth are slightly sharpened and after molding, they are sent to the laboratory, and for delivery, which usually takes two or more weeks.

It takes time for the laminates to bond to the tooth surface after they are made. That is why it is called an indirect method

. The color of the laminate is chosen according to your opinion and desire, and of course according to the color of the adjacent teeth.

But in the composite laminate method (direct method) which uses composite materials (materials of the same color as the teeth), these paste materials are placed on the teeth in a thin layer and hardened using radiation, and this treatment is done in one session and without The need to send to the laboratory is done on the teeth. At the end of the work, the teeth are polished to make them smooth and polished, and the job is done, that’s why it is called the direct method.

The difference between composite and ceramic laminate

Both are methods of beauty and smile shape correction.

Ceramic laminate is much more polished and shiny than composite veneer.

The cost and time of laminate treatment is much higher than composite dental veneer.

Composite veneer, unlike ceramic laminate, requires minimal sharpening and is done in one session. (In most cases, sharpening is not needed)

The colorability of composite veneer is higher than ceramic laminate and it needs to be polished every 6 months, but laminate is not like that.

In the composite veneer method, if part of the veneer is broken or chipped, it can be repaired, but in laminate, it is necessary to replace the entire laminate.

Laminate is more durable than composite veneer.

What are the uses and benefits of dental ceramic laminate?

Laminate cures bad colors and minor defects in the tooth structure.

Brings correction and beauty and change of smile design.

It increases the length of small teeth and helps to improve the beauty of the smile.

It is resistant to discoloration.

Protecting teeth against wear and covering broken teeth

Durability and resistance are suitable and affordable.

By using laminate, a person has the ability to choose the color of his teeth according to his taste.

  Which people are not suitable candidates for ceramic lamination, although dental lamination is one of the beauty methods, but sometimes, due to the conditions, not all people can benefit from it, and in these cases, it is better to avoid additional costs and increase the strength and durability of teeth than other methods. He used treatments.

People who grind their teeth because this habit eventually causes the laminate to break, so it is better to use a night guard.

People who have lost a large part of their tooth enamel due to wear and tear, who are forced to use various veneers.

People with poor oral hygiene.

People who have oral problems and severe gum inflammation.

People who have severe tooth decay and people who have extremely irregular and malformed teeth.

People with weak tooth enamel.

People with joint diseases

Care and tips after ceramic laminate treatment

Use soft or medium toothbrushes at least twice a day.

Be sure to have dental floss along with brushing your teeth in order to have proper oral and dental hygiene.

Do not indulge in drinks and foods containing pigments and be sure to brush your teeth if you use them.

Avoid hard foods such as: nuts, bottom of the pot, some fruits, etc.

Tooth sensitivities are normal for several days after lamination and are quickly resolved.

Avoid excessive smoking because over time it will change the color of the seams and shorten the life of the laminate.

Using some mouthwashes on laminated teeth will change the color over time.

Be sure to use a sports mouth guard during sports because the impact can damage and break the laminated teeth.

If you have habits like grinding your teeth, be sure to use a night guard to protect your teeth.

Be sure not to forget your 6-month checkups to control and maintain the laminate.

If you are looking for more durability and shine after the lamination treatment, be sure to try to do the post-treatment things well and by following these tips, you will experience a longer life from this treatment.

Finally, we can say that if you are looking for a way to improve your smile design, ceramic lamination is one of these methods that will bring you a more beautiful smile, But whether this is the best solution to have a beautiful smile is a topic that requires expert advice from a cosmetic dentist, we at Dr. Ehtesham Manesh’s dental clinic with experience in performing many treatments of ceramic lamination and composite veneer methods, are ready to provide services.

We are greetings to you dear ones and beauty seekers, so if you need advice about beauty treatments, contact 05138814151 so that the consultants of our clinic will guide you and you can also receive the best method to correct your smile design in an in-person examination session.